‘SA must take a stand against murderous MBS and Wahhabis destroying Islam from within’

Silence in the face of truth of a murderous regime makes a mockery of the memory of all whose human rights is being and had been violated by oppression.  It makes us, the silent types complicit in its execution. 

I am speaking about the human right violations of the Wahabist-led Saudi Arabian regime in Yemen. 

So I want President Ramaphosa to answer the following on 6 November during question time.

Dear Mr President. We, and if others prefer not to, I have the inalienable  #RightToKnow.

During question time you will be asked this: Why did SA abstain on the 25 September 2018 at the UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL regarding setting up a probe into reports that Saudi Arabia is engaged in the genocide in Yemen?

 And, are we selling any part of #Denel to #SaudiArabia,  given the fact that they now act as US proxy against Iranians and have confirmed that they murdered  #JamalKhashoggi and are complicit in the Yemeni holocaust?

SA must take a stand against this murderous Muhammad bin Sultan or #MBS and the Wahabist termites destroying Islam from within. On 6 November during question time in Parliament, answer that and also how much arms did SA export to Saudi Arabia.

Answer me Mr President or reap a whirlwind!


Saber Ahmed Jazbhay


Mettle Administrative Services

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