Reply to SA journalist: ‘Terror driven by revenge, not religion’

Clem Sunter’s piece, (News 24) “The Message from Manchester” 24/5/17 refers.

I have always had the highest regard for Clem Sunter’s writings but in this one the mind boggles and shows such a paucity understanding of the background and circumstances of the horrific events unfolding in Western countries.  Is Mr Sunter unaware of the Elephant in the Room and does he simply want to ignore the root causes?

The growth of what you term “Fundamental Islam” is as a direct result of the illegal wars waged on the Muslim World.  Mr Sunter those committing these Acts of Terror do not want to impose Islam on countries.  What is happening, and I am afraid will continue to happen for some time to come, is only about Revenge.  This is blowback time for the brutal Invasions by the West of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Yemen etc. resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, the destruction of their cities and the infrastructure in George Bush’s words “Bombing you into the Stone Age”. 

The merciless murderous drone strikes that continue even, as I write, is the real cause of the anger that leads these young men to carry out these Acts of Terrorism motivated only by Revenge not Religion.

Islam is by definition means Peace and Muslims seek peace for all mankind.  Terminology that you use “Nuclear Jihad”, “Fundamentalism”, and “fundamental Islam” is foreign to Muslims.

The solution Mr Sunter is simple: Stop the wars, invasions, drones strikes (which are) killing of innocent people and gradually people many learn to forgive the West for the atrocities they committed. 

Indeed all we hear is new arms deals sold to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the Gulf countries – arms sold to the tyrants and dictators of the Muslim world that are used to oppress their own people. 

Come on Mr Sunter we do expect better and more honest reflections from you.

E.M. Jadwat
Marseilles Crescent




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