‘Refrain from donating outside mosques and you will avoid attracting the wrong sorts’

Most neighbourhood watch committees request that people please refrain from giving donations outside the mosque to prevent the wrong sort (drug addicts and drunks) from loitering outside the mosque and making themselves a nuisance to females and kids.

Surely you can give your donations to a registered organization, rather than to professional mendicants who make more than our domestics do.

And if you insist on donating, please, the day of 20 cent donations are long gone – and why can’t you give your donation AS YOU ENTER rather than as you leave?

Is it that you want to be seen giving; which negates the charity?

Why make them needlessly wait an hour whilst they scope out which shoes to steal?

What makes it worse is that it forces us to go through a funnel gauntlet as we leave.

Can the mosques please announce and put a notice to this effect.



Mettle Administrative Services

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