Poor learn how to turn waste into wealth

By Al Qalam Reporter

The Union of Muslim Students’ Association together with Green Deen South Africa and SANZAF have a launched a humanitarian project at universities throughout the country that aims to turn unwanted goods into items of value that would empower the poor.

The Humanitarian Project 2014: Repurposing Waste coincided  with South Africa’s National Waste Week. The aim of the project was to empower disadvantaged communities to turn waste into wealth.

Items that were collected are: second hand clothing, electronic waste and upcycling material. Collection boxes have been placed at campuses around the country. The recipients of the second hand clothing were people identified by SANZAF.

The recipients received training and support by SANZAF, which will ensure continuity and success of the project. Additionally campuses can choose to raise awareness by upcycling waste into lovely novelties on campuses, collecting electronic waste for recycling and raising awareness on the importance of repurposing waste.

“This project also aims to eradicate social apathy, replacing it with social development. It goes far beyond the realms of charity work in that we aim to empower underprivileged people with the opportunity to start businesses of their own as well as educate people about the importance of repurposing waste”, said a spokesman.


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