‘Political and religious differences leads to demise of humanity’

Bloodshed is enveloping the entire world; man has become intolerant and hell-bent on domination at any cost. Total destruction has become the order of the day. Political and religious differences will lead to the demise of humanity. Wars and violence continue to dominate world affairs. All war does is to keep the never ending cycle of hatred running. War mongers would feel happy to have the vast devastated necropolis in front of them. Humanity will no longer be alive that day.
As a primary answer to the cultural disagreements, religious indignation, global tension or perceived threat, war is a brutal hopeless force that tears families, friends, and nations apart.

War is only necessary in times of insurmountable, un-negotiable violence. The principle of humanity, that which keeps us most civil together as entire species, must always come first in discussion.

This path must be sought until it no longer suffices. Non-violence is the only solution until even it is smouldered. Humans are rational enough to not go to war. The world is weary of hate. We see the fatigue overcoming many nations. Non-violence is the law of our species, as violence is that law of the brute. Let us pray for global peace in this turbulent and violent year. There is an alternative to war; there is no alternative to an honourable peace accord.

Farouk Araie.


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