Poetry, nasheeds at Westville Soofie Astana

By Al Qalam Reporter

Ukhuwa Education and Development Projects in collaboration with the Westville Soofie Aastana will host an evening of poetry and nasheeds on Saturday, November 25.

The event will take place after Esha salah at the Westville Soofie Aastana. The event will feature renowned reciters including Naeem Sheikh Hameed, Fiona Khan and Ebrahim Mphutlane wa Bofelo.

From 2004, Naeem toured South Africa and neighbouring countries, Swaziland and Mozambique. He released his first album titled “Verses of Love” in February 2005 with a strong focus on Urdu Naaths, English and Arabic nasheed. In early 2006 he released the second album titled “Pearls”. This incorporated the first ever Qalbi Zikr coupled with chord progressions and harmonies in Urdu Naath by a South African. Naeem partnered with Abdul Kader Mahomed, formerly of the Effendies (singing band) and co-founded the Waahid Nasheed group in 2006

Fiona Khan is an award winning, internationally published poet, author, and academic. She is also a passionate environmentalist and family therapist. Fiona Khan has numerous children’s book titles to her name. Her poetry and short stories have been published internationally in many literary magazines. Her books have been used for academic research and are placed in many academic libraries.

Ebrahim Mphutlane wa Bofelo is a South African poet and essayist, cultural worker and social critic who is influenced and inspired by Black Consciousness, Sufism and Radical Humanism. As a poet, Bofelo has distinguished himself by evenly straddling the personal and political, and the mundane and mysterious. His poetry displays a fusing of the lyrical and satirical voice, and some of his poems can be described as having mystical brevity. He has appeared several times at the prestigious Poetry Africa, thrice winning the Durban SlamJam component of the festival and has performed at various other festivals locally and internationally.

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