Omani motorcyclist makes pit stop in Durban on his travels across Africa

An intrepid Omani adventurer, Maher al Barwani has arrived in Durban after motorcycling across Africa after covering 46 countries.

He started his journey in Oman on July 22, 2017.

He was a guest of Imraan Bobat, head of local adventure group, Rocks and Roots that hosted him. He regaled guests about the many adventures he had during his exciting travels. He will soon be heading to Cape Town as soon as he has raised enough funds to repair his motorcycle. He will then make his way along the West Coast of Africa towards Namibia, Angola and Congo onwards home to Oman.

Pictured above is Maher al Barwani with local guests and members of adventure group Rocks and Roots during a meet-up at Durban’s Orient Hall.

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