Oasis throws R10m bursary lifeline to UCT

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Oasis Group Holding has donated R10-million to the University of Cape Town to help the institution overcome its financial pressures of providing bursary grants to its students. This money will allocated over a five year term.

Adam Ebrahim, CEO of Oasis, said that “the reality is that our educational system is under severe pressure and unless a strengthened system is implemented, underpinned by a new social compact amongst all stakeholders, our challenges will continue to grow.”

Ebrahim further added that, “as individuals and citizens, as communities and as businesses, we need to contribute towards education and we need to voice our concerns but we also must work together to create solutions that will alleviate the pressures faced by the students.”

“Many may have access to education but become overwhelmed by the burden of debt as they leave tertiary institutions, which places graduates in a compromised position early on in their careers”.

To date, the company has committed over R10 Million to Early Childhood Development and close to R15 Million to secondary and tertiary level education. Benefitting from this funding are 49 students on the Oasis Bursary Programme, which, in addition to funding, provides students with mentoring, support, practical exposure to the corporate and social environments which Oasis operates within and will afford each student an opportunity of employment upon graduation

Dr. Russell Ally, Executive Director of the Development and Alumni Department at the University of Cape Town was pleased with the partnership. He said: “Over the next five years, R2 million will be allocated to the University annually. First-year student orientation and support will receive R250 000; undergraduate degrees and programme will receive R1 million; and postgraduate studies will receive R750 000.

“UCT and Oasis will collaborate in selecting students eligible for the funding and as an institution we remain grateful to businesses like Oasis for setting up this partnership, which we are hopeful will continue over the long term.”

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