‘We as NFP intend shaking Government into action to downgrade SA Embassy in Israel’

South Africans are all aware of the crisis in the Middle East. All who have not been corrupted or blinded by prejudice can see clear as daylight that it is a typical story of David and Goliath.

The endless barbaric acts of terrorism perpetuated against the Palestinians by the apartheid Israel regime, the mass murder of innocent Palestinians including women and children are done with absolute impunity.

It is clear that this impunity is a result of decades of complete unaccountability, a world where countries allow murder and then, at best, issue press statements, recalls or withdrawals of an ambassador – but this is too soft and temporary! Countries, including South Africa have been far too patient while people are killed and international law is ignored. Today we want action. Today the NFP will help ensure that action is taken against the Apartheid regime of Israel. The time to act is now, all the rhetoric in the world is fruitless if no real action is taken – I and we as the NFP will shake this parliament and government into action!

The NFP wants decisive action, but more importantly we want real action.

We have thus decided to submit a motion and resolution to be voted on by the National Assembly, the wording of our motion is also the exact wording of the ANC resolution from the ANC’s 54th National Conference that took place in December 2017 at NASREC. Our resolution which we are putting to a vote at the next available opportunity reads:

“To give practical support to the oppressed people of Palestine, we resolve on an immediate and unconditional downgrade of the SA embassy in Israel to a liaison office.”

What the people of Palestine are experiencing, is no different to what we South Africans faced during apartheid – the effects of which our people are still confronted with today. The ANC has a resolution now let’s make it a government decision! We call upon the ANC and all members of parliament to vote in support of this resolution and we are confident that all efforts will be made to ensure that we can swiftly table the motion. It is the first step but most importantly let’s take it, and take it now, because that is what our people want.

We will also engage the minister and president to call for the executive to implement this as soon as possible, in fact, immediately and unconditionally! The time has come for decisive action is now!

Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam (MP)
National Freedom Party

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