MYM’s virtual zoom workshop for unemployed youth ‘inspired hope’

By Al Qalam Reporter

The 4th edition of the Muslim Youth Movement’s programme for the unemployed was hosted successfully recently using the Zoom platform – and it inspired hope amongst the participants.

Participants included unemployed youth and a few adults. Two organizations made available their computer labs to students and unemployed individuals from their neighbouring communities to participate and benefit from the skills offered.

Several training organisations and experts also offered their services to this unique programme titled “Giving Hope to the Unemployed Youth”.

“We faced numerous challenges in adapting the programme to be presented virtually”, said MYM Administrator, Asif Essop. One of the obstacles was trying to make the programme inter-active and ensurure that participants received their handouts, said Asif.

“A further challenge was on how to assist participants who could not afford data and had no access to Wi-Fi”.

Said project manager Rashid Chopdat: “We were blessed with presentations from two service providers – Siyafunda CTC and IT Varsity – who made participants aware about the top jobs to look out for in South Africa, especially in the IT industry that impacts automation in jobs and lives”.

“Our participants were also introduced to a new way of writing missions and goals by using the Vision Board concept by Ms Shahida Rahim who has over two decades in HR and skilling people”.

Other skills that the participants received were:

· Writing a CV to impress potential employers by Mrs Kairoon Ghumran of PY Placements who also explained on how to prepare for an interview;

· Careers offered in TVET colleges by Sh. Essa Cambula of Coastal College.

· Writing Business Plans using the new 9-point Business Canvas Board by Vector Consultant’s Ahmed Seedat – researcher, author and consultant with international clients.

· An experienced community worker inspired the audience with examples on how they could volunteer their time and gain workplace experience to add to their CVs.

Asif Essop said that the MYM would be hosting more Webinar training programmes and lectures over the coming months.

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