MYM: ‘Wanton killing in name of Islam must be condemned’

The Muslim Youth Movement (MYM) of South Africa wishes to express its condemnation of the violence that is perpetrated in the name of Islam by groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) and Boko Haram. The wanton destruction of property and violence against civilians can never be acceptable under any circumstances.

The killing of Christian minorities in Iraq and the killing and abduction of young girls in north eastern Nigeria are blight in the conscience of all humanity and we should all join hands in the rejection of violence against civilians and innocent people as a means to achieve any religious, economic or political objectives.

We add our voice to the many around the world who see the acts of these groups for what they are, criminal acts that deserve condemnation by all people from all faiths. We also pledge to support initiatives that are aimed at ending the misery that these groups have visited on the people in the places where they operate.

We call on leaders in the global Muslim community to raise their voices in calling for an end to the violence and to distance themselves from these groups in order to isolate them with the ultimate aim of ensuring that they can no longer find refuge within Muslim communities.

The MYM will continue to campaign against these groups and to encourage its membership around the country to partake in activities and campaigns to isolate and condemn ISIS AND Boko Haram.

Mr. Thandile Kona
MYM President



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