Muslim nations must remove Assad from power with military force

It is glaringly evident that chemical weapons were used in Syria, resulting in mass deaths. The use of chemical weapons is prohibited in international armed conflicts in a series of treaties, including The Hague Declaration concerning asphyxiating gases, the Geneva Gas Protocol, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The prohibition of the use of chemical weapons contained in the chemical weapons convention applies in all circumstances, including in non-international armed conflicts.

During March 19th 2013, chemical agents were used by the Syrian regime in an area near the Northern city of Aleppo. A paralyzing agent was also used near Qusayr, five miles north of the border with Lebanon.

In international law the use of chemical weapons is considered an act of genocide and is a crime against humanity. Both genocide and crimes against humanity are international crimes. We are reminded in the preamble of the Rome statue of the International Criminal Court, every state is under the duty to prosecute, for which there should be no impunity.

The internationally accepted definition of “genocide” has been codified in the Geneva Convention. The tragedy in Syria is a clear cut case of Genocide against the Syrian Civilian population. The regime also violated the charter of the International Military Tribunal codified in 1945, regarding crimes against humanity.

It is time for the global community to work together, to spread awareness and to spare future generations from having to live through this massive systematic abuse of power.

It is now time for Muslim nations to remove Assad from power, by using military force, which falls within the ambits of international law.

Yours sincerely,

Farouk Araie.

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