Muslim groups respond to urgent flood relief

By Al Qalam Reporter

Most Muslim charities in KZN sprung into action this week as torrential rains battered parts of the province leaving dozens dead and hundreds homeless as homes were either flooded or had collapsed.

In some areas, over 180mm of rain was recorded.

The Lajpaal Foundation team responded immediately, distributing hot meals to families left homeless during the raging flood. The team members also distributed basic essentials, including clothing, shoes and groceries.

“We are still in the process of extending our help to the communities in Sea Cow Lake, Chatsworth , Phoenix and many other areas in Durban that were greatly affected by the aftermath of the torrential downpour,” a spokesman for the charity said.

Shortly before the storm hit on Sunday, members of the charity were busy distributing aid to the poor in Kwa-Mashu.

The Lajpaal Foundation has appealed to the broader community to contribute to its collection drive.

“We humbly appeal to members of the community that if they wish to assist in our distribution drive they are more than welcome to drop of clothing, shoes, blankets and groceries at our premises situated at 78 Malinson Road.”

Relief teams from the Jamiatul-Ulama are also visiting affected areas and providing relief to displaced people in Durban. They too, have appealed for urgent funds.

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