Muslim charity plan: Let’s pull together’

A Durban-based Muslim charity has drafted an innovative plan to ensure that all charitable entities maximize their funds with minimal duplication, writes an Al Qalam Reporter.
By Al Qalam Reporter

An innovative draft plan to co-ordinate the work of Islamic charitable bodies and develop alliances between Muslim institutions in an effort to minimize duplication of services and aid, will be introduced to stakeholders at a meeting to be held in Durban next month.

Some 200 Muslim charitable entities have been invited to participate in the Draft Muslim Integrated Development Plan (MIDP) – as it is called – to listen to the pioneering concept and provide input. Members of the public are also welcome to attend and participate in the interactive discussions around the draft project.
The introduction of the MIDP project will take place at the Islamic Guidance Hall, Overport, on Friday, October 13, at 6.30pm.

The MIDP “vision” is to enhance and sustain the positive “legacy” of Muslim Non Profit, Public Benefit and Charitable Institutions in serving humanity and its mission is to establish, advocate, and manage the process of strengthening and promoting the Educational, Environmental, Health Care, Humanitarian, Sustainable Development and Welfare projects of Muslim Charitable, Non Profit (NPO) and Public Benefit Organisations (PBO) and Government and Donor Institutions and the collaboration between the Institutions via cloud application.

In an interview with Al Qalam, Ismat Mahomed, founder and CEO of the Humanitarian Development Alliance SA (Huda SA), who conceptualized and is driving the project, said: “The mission of this MIDP project is to strengthen and streamline Islamic charitable work in collaboration between Muslim entities and community workers.

“The problem is that so many entities are working as silos… and this disjointed work is ineffective in the common goal of providing sustainable development of the communities that need help,” Mahomed added.
Mahomed, who has over 30 years of experience in Islamic charitable work, explained to Al Qalam that he was ready to put his expertise to help the Ummah in developing a strategic, united plan in serving humanity.
Although a concept of Huda SA, Mahomed said his charity has undertaken to help administer and maintain MIDP, however he emphasized that the new body (that will emerge) will operate as a “voluntary, independent and supportive platform” working towards sustaining the positive Islamic legacy.

The objectives of developing the MIDP for South Africa are the following:
• Coordinate meetings on the Cloud based application blog so that all stakeholders can continuously share ideas, give input and network on ways to strengthen the work and collaboration between Institutions.
• Develop databases of Muslim Institutions working within South Africa.
• Develop area based project maps of Muslim Institutions.
• Develop strategies, plans and reports for projects in the various sectors Agriculture, Advocacy and Awareness,

Business Development, Education and Training, Health and Nutrition, Housing, Islamic Development, Welfare, Water and Sanitation.
• Develop alliances between Muslim institutions, thereby minimising duplication of services and aid.
• Promote sector based reports on Muslim Social Investment.
• Develop project management tools and systems for Muslim institutions thus strengthening the work.
For further information, please contact Ismat Mahomed on 073 532 1325 or email:
You can also visit their Facebook page or log onto their website

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