MJCHT demands public apology from Cape butcher for breaking halaal certificate rules

By Al Qalam Reporter

The Halaal certificate of Freshers Butchery’s at Food Lover’s Market in Access Park, Cape Town, has been suspended with immediate effect by the Muslim Judicial Council’s Halaal Trust (MJCHT) after the business flouted certain halaal rules.

Although the business has apologized to the MJCHT, the certification body has demanded a public apology because the store had not complied with its halaal standards and operating procedures which it had signed up to.

It all started when the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust established that the Food Lover’s Market in Access Park, had advertised and claimed – in its weekly brochure –that its store was “strictly halaal”. However, the MJCH later established that this was not the case, as a fridge in another section of the store had contained pork products for sale.

The “strictly halaal” label that the store had given itself, had “justifiably misled” consumers, the MJCHT said in a stern statement.

The MJCHT had earlier certified only the butchery sections in the store while the bakery and Hot Foods section is certified by (ICSA).

Mishka Daries, head of Media and Communications of the Muslim Judicial Council told Al Qalam that when it learn about the violations, it took immediate action . As a precautionary measure, the organisation promptly decided to suspend its certification to eliminate any chances of possible contamination.

“In its initial findings, the MJCHT found no possible cross-contamination at the halaal certified butchery section”, she assured consumers.

 “The store apologised to the complainant but we have asked the store for a public apology. We await their response,” she said.

At the time of going to press, none had come.

The MJCHT’s Chief Operations Officer Shaykh Moosa Titus, said: “In our initial investigations we can confirm that no contamination occurred in the Halaal certified butchery. The store’s management removed all Pork products from the store – which was in a separate area away from the butcher. This area does not fall under the jurisdiction of the MJCHT. The store requested the MJCHT to cleanse the area immediately,” Shaykh Titus said.

The store’s management promised it will continue deliberations with the MJCHT – and both parties agreed to work closely to ensure strict compliance.   

The certificate will be reinstated as soon as all investigations are concluded and compliance to MJC’s Halaal standards and operating procedures are complete, Shaykh Titus said. 


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