MJC Women’s Forum to ship second container of aid for Syrian refugees

By Al Qalam Reporter

A container of vital baby goods for Syrian children will be shipped to Turkey next week, thanks to Muslim Judicial Council’s Women’s Forum which has received widespread public support for the cause.

On February 25, The MJC Women’s Forum shipped urgently needed donations of food and sanitary supplies to Turkey for distribution in Syrian refugee camps there.That container has since arrived in Turkey this week and distribution is underway.

Earlier this year, the MJC Women’s Forum was able to accompany the Conscious Convoy — an all women convoy – aimed at creating awareness to the suffering of women illegally imprisoned in Syrian jails and undergoing horrendous torture including rape as a form of blackmail.

Whilst experiencing the first-hand accounts of these victims and observing the dire situation of refugees and the unfathomable persecution of Syrian women under the hand of the Syrian government, the Women’s Forum decided to intensify their efforts in easing the plight of Syrians affected by the war.
“We cannot look away and pretend all will be well. The war continues. The suffering of civilians, including babies and children, continues; and so should our efforts in South Africa,” said MJC Women’s Forum chairperson, Mualima Khadija Patel-Allie.

The project dubbed, #CTWomen4Syria – and supported by the Turkish relief organisation IHH – aims to collect baby items only in the form of baby formula and nappies.

“IHH conducted a survey in the various refugee camps and these goods were the necessities that are urgently needed at the various refugee camps,” Mualima Patel-Allie continued.

A delegation from the MJC Women’s Forum will be assisting with the distribution of these items upon arrival at the Syrian refugee camps.

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