Lindiwe Sisulu for president?

South Africans must choose a woman president in 2019. Only 10 countries in the world have women heads of government as of January 2017.

It is almost a cliché that getting more dedicated women into power is a prudent way to tackle and combat corruption.

Recent anecdotal evidence would seem to support the view that with women in power, corruption diminishes.

There is a direct relationship between the levels of democracy and the presentation of women in leadership and the quality of governance.

In our case, one woman who towers above the rest in the ANC is Lindiwe Sisulu. She has a survivor’s sharp sense of power and devotion to relevant facts. She is never afraid to be a lone voice. She has risen, due to her political acumen and leadership qualities which propelled her to such eminence. A fearless and outspoken person who reminds us of the words of Martin Luther King: “Our lives end when we keep our silence on important issues.”

Many within the ANC realize her leadership skills and strength. She is a true feminist to the core, a woman of substance who seeks to help the country through a testing phase, possesses all the virtues of a caring woman and who valiantly fights for women’s rights in a man’s world. There are three leadership qualities that Lindiwe Sisulu has that nobody in the entire ANC can match: passion, determination and confidence.

She is cold and calculating at times, but in a crisis situation, there is an air of reassuring stability around her. Her IQ exceeds all of her cabinet colleagues combined. Even amidst lethal turbulence over state capture, her composure remains serene.

Her illustrious family credentials and pedigree shaped her character in a manner that makes her uniquely prepared to confront the numerous challenges we are bound to face over the next three years. She has become an incredibly powerful force, even as a woman in a society dominated by patriarchal ideologies. She is indeed our “Joan of Arc”.

Lindiwe does not adhere to factions, religions, gender roles or social mores, but endeavours to represent all South Africans and all interests. Political capture does not exist in her vocabulary. Her determination to stand up to political decay will bring an end to endemic corruption. Without her at the helm, The ANC will be relegated to the opposition benches at the next election.

Farouk Araie


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