‘Let us all eliminate racism and the toxic rancour from our hearts’

Chief Justice Mogeoeng’s address at the recent Restitution Conference on Racism, warrants comment.

Racism is passed down from generation to generation like a hereditary disease. Brutal acts of open racism continue to overwhelm and decimate race relations. In our rainbow of South Africa, The “K” word continues to grab the headlines. It is the ultimate insult-a-word that has tormented, humiliated and degraded generations of black people.

It is inextricably linked with hurtful conduct on black psyches and derogatory aspersions on the black masses. It is a more  hurtful racial epithet than any other insult in our lexicon.

Naked racism has seeped into practically every aspect of South African society, from the womb to the tomb, from cradle  to the grave, in life and in death, it continues to haunt and taunt us.

It is a tool of demagoguery that is brazenly displayed with defiance and cunningness.

Racism and racialism are precisely one devil using different agents. Beloved Madiba united this nation, minimized the divisions and controlled negative behaviour. When we remain silent on acts of  covert  and overt racism and racism by stealth, the candle of hope blinks, purpose dwindles, negativity grows feeding extremism that generates into an ocean of social and political divisions.

This land is your land, this land is my land, this land is our land, let us all, as loyal South Africans eliminate toxic rancour from our hearts.



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