‘Lebanon and Qatar have become pawns in Saudi and Iran’s power game’

Sectarian division and hostilities in the Middle East has reached new levels. Tensions are running high with apocalyptic rhetoric emerging from all sides.

The unending primordial conflict between Shias and Sunnis will increase tension across the heartland of the Middle East and could serve as a catalyst for World War 3.The entire conflict zones are being disassembled with ferocity unequalled since World War 2. Any miscalculation or acts of political brinkmanship will lead to carnage, unprecedented in modern warfare.

Lebanon and Qatar have now become pawns in the deadly game of political chess, ominously unfolding as Iran and Saudi Arabia compete for total control. The hourglass has almost run out of sand as the war drum gains military momentum.

The change of political power in Saudi Arabia will propel potential conflict in the area into a new and deadly duel. Political gambling by local and regional powers is a gamble that will cost them more than anyone can pay. Any escalation will only lead to counter retaliation which will be a tempting invitation to Turkey, Russia, Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia to intervene. It will be a perpetual war with no end.

The current ongoing wars across the entire Middle East area are part of a military roadmap which is ultimately directed at Iran. Millions will perish, the world economy would be shattered and oil will reach 100 dollars per barrel.

Famine is now being used as a weapon of war in all wars currently in progress. Yemen is becoming the world’s biggest impending disaster. Military bombardment has devastated the country’s economy and food producing capability. It is estimated that 7 million people face starvation as food supplies dwindle. Food Production is non-existent as the war continues unabated. Lack of food is the biggest weapon killer in Yemen. In terms of International Law, the United Nations is in danger of becoming an accessory to starvation.


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