‘Journalists working in conflict zones are heroes of their craft’

The brutal murders and intimidation of journalists in war ravaged areas is indeed a blistering indictment against leaders who fail to take a stand against global tyranny. Journalists symbolise dignity, integrity, selflessness and commitment to the truth that constitutes the essence of journalism.

The cowardice and brutality necessary to abduct or to take an innocent human life, should not be left unpunished.

War journalism can be a hazardous profession. Over 1000 journalists sacrificed their lives in the line of duty over the past decade. Measuring danger by mortality is, however only one way, albeit the most visible, of assessing the toll war takes on reporters, photographers and cameraman. What can follow in dangers wake is often more difficult to discern and quantify for it lies within the realm of the abstract.

Have we ever wondered how the news travels from conflict zones to newspapers and browsers in minutes? It is because of journalists who are willing to put their lives on the line in pursuit of the truth. The news always comes out safe, but, sometimes, the journalists do not.

Every drop of blood shed by them is giving life to the news industry. They are bringing truth to the outside world. They are heroes of the free press, the very right that lets you disregard their sacrifice without consequences. These men and women run into carnage of their own free will, they pay with their lives so that people who could never experience, never really understand the terror of war, to make an informed judgement on it. To see and understand what the situation they are sacrificing their sons and daughters in.

Journalists go into battlefields where not even a squad of soldiers or convoy of vehicles would dare enter. They go to places the military would never enter without a heavily armed escort. Yet they are armed only with their cameras. They are heroes of, their craft, tellers of a truth to which there’s precious little access. Without photographers and journalists like these, you would not see the “real” face of war.

Farouk Araie.

Mettle Administrative Services

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