Jo’burg granny launches book on 2011 Africa aid convoy experience to Gaza

By Al Qalam Reporter

A Johannesburg grandmother, Sr. Shenaaz Farred, who joined an Africa aid convoy to Gaza in 2011, has written a book about her amazing experiences to the besieged strip.

The book titled “Gaza Forgotten” (A Woman’s journey to an open air prison) will be launched at Image Lifestyle, in Fordsburg, on Sunday, and proceeds of her book will go towards charity in the Gaza enclave.

“I love Gaza and the people there. I will continue to do all I can to join hands with them and support them in their time of need,” she said.

 Guest speakers at the gala event will include Dr Essop Pahad, former Minister in the Presidency, and a senior representative from the Embassy of Palestine.

Copies of the book will be on sale at R250, and proceeds will be channeled towards humanitarian projects in Gaza via Islamic Relief Palestine.

The basis of the book goes back to August 2011 when the Africa 1 Aid Convoy set off from South Africa to travel up the length of the continent and entered Gaza via Egypt. The convoy had been made possible by the generosity of Muslims all over South Africa.

One of the people attached to the project was Farred. Gaza was being bombarded by Israel at the time.

Nevertheless the convoy entered with its precious cargo of medical supplies, generators, water desalination units, and sundry educational requirements. What happened during the seven days of their visit forms the substance of this book.

According to a press release, the promoters wrote: “Shenaaz Farred writes with extraordinary compassion yet with an equally extraordinary absence of rancor.”

“Among the detritus of war, the inextinguishable spirit of humanity shines through.”

She has been married for thirty-eight years and has four children and ten grandchildren. Her passion for charity work drove her into the heart of Gaza and back.”


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