IPCI revert classes graduation

IPCI 1st term students for 2018 received their certificates for completing the 4 month introduction to Islam classes.

An assessment of the students was conducted by The Education Department of the Darul-Ihsan Centre on Thursday 19 July 2018.

We are highly grateful for your trust in our organisation and the opportunity to be of service and hope our networking proves beneficial to the Ummah.

The team of evaluators comprised of Ml. Suhail Motala, Ml. Mustafa Kamil Nazir, and Brother Faraad Shaik who were highly impressed with the progress of the students who have very well grasped on to the basics of Deen, and that too for no monetary gain or welfare assistance. The subjects tested on were the Basic Surahs, Kalimas, Fundamentals of Deen and Practicals.

Observations and recommendations in the evaluation were as follows:

  • Evaluators were pleased to learn that the course is well structured and made up of a Basic and Advanced class.
  • They suggested the Basic class concentrate on a minimum of 4 Surahs at least to allow the student to perform their Salaah.
  • They advised that considerable concentration be on Aqaaid, in explaining the reality of Isa (AS), etc. as this all forms part of the belief system and especially noting the background of these students.
  • They were glad that a lot of emphasis is placed on Practicals.
  • Charts / Visuals should be implemented in the teaching process, especially for Quranic recitation.
  • Evaluators found in the classes, that there were the bright students as well as the not so bright students. Perhaps when teaching, all students should be included in the lessons. A good method would be to pair up the bright students with the not so bright and allow them to revise together.
  • They also suggested adding a period of 10 to 15 minute slot daily for Tarbiyat. In this we may discuss the importance of Halaal and Haraam, Permissible and Not Permissible, living a life of a Good Muslim, etc. In the above way, if we focus on the Tarbiyat of a student it will being in and increase the Taqwa in the student and always make them conscious of their doings. This will in time lead to them wanting to better themselves and furthering the education.

The above were humble recommendations based on the visit. Overall, the evaluators were truly impressed with the progress of these students and see great faith in IPCI.

We pray that the Almighty accepts your efforts for His Deen and take your institution from strength to strength.

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