HRDP launches on-line applications for leadership programmes

In planning for the 14th annual Leadership Development Programme (LDP), the Human Resource Development Programme (HRDP) announced a number of changes to its application and registration process. The committee has launched an on-line application process as well as a trial website.

“The on-line application process was a logical development for an organization like ours that has as its mission to be the preferred training body for Muslim NGOs and Islamic organizations in the SADC countries”, said chairperson Asif Essop.

He added: “We have set up a Registration Sub-Committee that will go through the applications and select the best candidates to attend our annual LDP that will be held at the M A Motala Islamic Centre in Durban, South Africa from 30 September to 6 October this year.”

“The HRDP member organisations have commenced with the recruitment drive, sending out invitations to employees, volunteers and committee members. Applicants are required to apply online and this is non-negotiable. Successful candidates will be notified once their applications have been processed.”

The first deputy chairperson, Sheik Adam Macheso, stated: “The HRDP website will be formally launched at the end of June giving the public an opportunity to view our efforts, history and information about upcoming training sessions and workshops.”

“People who attended our training since 2016 have given our programmes a high rating. Their evaluations tell us that trainees have found our skills based courses in management, leadership and dawah highly beneficial. Our training is conducted over a two-year period as an internal qualification.” said Sheikh Aboobaker Mtenje, the 2nd deputy chairperson.

The graduates will receive certificates for the skills they had acquired during their training.
Sh Yusuf Mohammedy, a co-founder and patron, said the HRDP is looking forward to welcoming a new generation of Du’aat (Islamic Worker) who will find that the training complements their daily duties and community inter-actions.
The training initiative is supported by AWQAFSA, Dawah Academy, International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan and MANCOSA.

The HRDP is a united effort by nine-member organisations. They are As-Salaam Educational Institute, Inchanga Islamic Centre, Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa, Islamic Propagation Centre International, Ladysmith Dawah Centre, Munazzamat Al Dawah Al Islamia, Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa, Southern Africa Dawah Network, and South African National Zakah Fund.

If your organization wishes to receive an invitation, kindly send an email to or contact the head office at +27 031 306 2011.

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