‘History will remember Gaza massacre as a date which will live in infamy’

Israel’s massive gunning down of peaceful protestors is not only a violation of international law, but her actions are tantamount to war crimes under International Criminal Court laws.

The reaction of the IDF were draconian, dehumanising and epitomises the essence of Israel’s brutal policy of massive force. The ruthless and bloody slaughter of innocent civilians lays the foundation for the world to see the true nature of Israel’s determination to rid the Palestinians from the geographical arena.

The reaction of the world community is truly astonishing. Its feeble response is a disaster for mankind. Gaza symbolizes and embodies the horrors of brute force.

We must honour the memories of those who perished in a legitimate peaceful protest and those who survived them. This is our moral obligation.

How can Gaza survive and progress when this desolate slum lives under the fearful shadow of Israel’s powerful military killing machine?

Gaza has become the Auschwitz of the 21st century. The Palestinians have become a forgotten people. All the pain, sorrow and hardships over the past 50 years, has not moved the conscience of mankind,

The world must bear witness to the enormities of the unwarranted butchering on the Gaza border.

Surrounded by total horror, peaceful protestors, anticipating their own deaths, appealed to humanity not to forget them. They have become defenceless victims as Israel enacts “The Final Solution”.

The gun chamber has now replaced the gas chamber as a weapon of total annihilation. Jackboot tactics has now replaced diplomacy as an instrument of Israel’s foreign policy posture.

History will remember the Gaza massacre as a date which will live in infamy.


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