‘Is there a hidden power behind the axing of Ashraf Garda and Sakina Kamwendo?’

The axing of Ashraf Garda and Sakina Kamwendo from their popular time slots says to me that SAFM is acting capriciously as well as imperiously.

Why do I say this? As listeners, it appears our opinions don’t matter. Remember both (entities) permitted open and robust discussion and debates on Palestine and apartheid Israel. So as discerning listeners our opinions don’t matter, and I get the sense that there is a hidden power behind this influencing of affairs at the SABC. That is the message out here.

So, here is what is going to happen.
SAFM is going to suffer from a recurring bout of ‘motsoenengitis’ in the coming months. This is a bad case of curbing intellectualism, and apart from Ashraf, there is Sakina Kamwendo whose contributions towards intellectual enhancement of us listenership has been peerless exceeding that of the Radio 702 contribution.

I will wager that listenership is going to migrate to other stations like Radio 702 and it is going to cost SABC/SAFM big time.
If you agree with my take, share this post and forward to members of the management and board of SAFM/SABC.

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay

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