Handbook for a healthy life inspired by Sunnah hits the shelves

By Al Qalam Reporter

Johannesburg-based Freelance writer, Nabeela Vad Walla, has authored a 180 page handbook called ‘A Coat for Life” which guides the reader on ways to maintain optimum physical, mental and spiritual health according to the Sunnah.

She said she had adopted many of the life-skills – projected in the hand book – into her own life, and was enriched by it.

Nabeela told Al Qalam that the book also features open discussion on subjects that are often taboo in Muslim communities, adding that by opening up these topics, it would “help to create a society that better understands mental issues and the importance of having a healthy mind and body.”

Through the book, Nabeela said she would like to “communicate the hidden treasures of nature and encourage a lifestyle that focuses on natural remedies rather than the complete use and reliance on a chemicals, in a society that already struggles with drug and chemical-abuse issues”.
The Sunnah foods and their benefits are explored according to ahadeeth and Quraan.

Nabeela told Al Qalam: “The other aspect of physical health includes how to eat to get the most nutrition from your diet and practical tips on how to maintain a healthy weight and body. The tips are easy to follow. It’s really not about the fad diets, which sets this book apart from the rest.
Nabeela, a qualified Industrial psychologist, has also worked as a freelance journalist for several years, focusing on Islamic issues.

After completion of her studies, she further decided to dabble in understanding the Islamic concepts of the mind and body, which encouraged her to further her skills in Nutrition.

In understanding Nutrition and the functionality of mind and body, Nabeela included the Islamic aspects of Psychology and Proper Nutrition in her writings. She has hosted workshops in various communities in Johannesburg to educate young and old on the reality of mental illness, as well as, natural remedies relayed to us from the Holy Quraan and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

You can also order the book online at www.sugarpopmedia.co.za or ‘A Coat for Life’ Facebook page for a list of stockists.

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