‘Greed is the religion of our leaders’

Political expediency and executive arrogancy will diminish respectability for democracy in toxic South Africa. Over the past 20 years, our elected leaders have brazenly savaged our democracy. These shameless autocrats in the citadels and corridors of power have not only stolen the crown jewels, they have in their multiple heists completely distorted the economy.

Greed has become their religion. They still have the audacity to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth in public like a garment of honour. They seek fame and fortune at any cost, tossing aside virtue and honesty.

South Africa is rapidly disintegrating. The freefall of our nation has begun. We will find it difficult to survive if present trends continue. The price of fuel has increased by 900% since 1994, notwithstanding the fact that 28% of our fuel is supplied by Sasol. Seventeen million people on state grants are in a state of panic and shock as Sassa remains impotent. Deadly CIT heists continue as crime intelligence is non-existent. Millions of voters will punish the ruling the party in 2019.

Corruption has eaten so deep into our body politics that its practice is seen more like a societal norm than an exception. People have imbibed the belief that hard work, honesty and integrity are not worthy principles since one can do very little to get or earn so much.

Corruption pulls down the moral foundation of society. Democracy and its consolidation hinge on the adherence to the law. Political corruption does the opposite. That is, political corruption strives in an environment of lawlessness. The fog of corruption has enveloped South Africa in its deadly tentacles.

Farouk Araie


Mettle Administrative Services

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