First HRDP graduates full of praise for ‘beneficial training’ duat workshop

The Human Resource Development Programme (HRDP) reached another milestone when its first group of trainees graduated from a “quality” and “beneficial” training programme held in South Africa during October 2017.
The HRDP has developed an internal leadership qualification to equip administrators, imams, relief and dawah field workers, madressa teachers and management teams with enhanced skills that will help them to better serve their respective organisations and communities.

The workshop is conducted over six-days in a two-year cycle. In 2017, the HRDP introduced a parallel training programme for 25 first year participants. There was also an intensive programme for the 12 graduates.
The series of short courses took place at the M. A. Motala Islamic Centre, in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal from 1-7 October.

Speaking on behalf of the first graduates, Hafiz Muhammed Ndlovu said: “It was a very fruitful opportunity for us to complete our HRDP course. We believe today is a day in history for the first qualified group produced by the HRDP”

“The HRDP is a dream come true. It started as a vision way back in 2004.Today a paradigm shift associated with upward mobility from both the HRDP organisers and delegates is being realised.”

He said the HRDP was an idea in action. Its training is producing quality duats. This training is “work in progress” and was highly recognised and appreciated by those who attended.

Hafiz Ndlovu also added: “As HRDP delegates, we strongly appeal for continued effective communication between the HRDP committee and the delegates. Trainees are now faced with the most challenging task in the practical phase after gaining of skills. We appeal for moral support, more educational support and sustainable support.”

Sister Alima Nyoni from Zimbabwe spoke on behalf of the first-year trainees: “I believe, Insha-Allah, these skills will help us in growing and developing our communities, especially in my own Zimbabwean context where we are facing economic decline and unemployment challenges.

“What we also liked about the HRDP is that it had a holistic approach as our spiritual needs were also catered for through the spiritual morning halqa sessions. In as much as we are doing all that we do, we should remember that we are Muslims, and our goal is to earn the pleasure of Allah.
“Through this HRDP, we’ve managed to establish friendships, sharing our experiences and ideas as we all come from diverse backgrounds.

“We pray that we’ll be able to put into practice the skills and education that we’ve acquired at the HRDP, and also build upon it, as the Prophet (SAW) encouraged us to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”
Sr. Alima and Hafiz Ndlovu thanked the organisers for putting together a beneficial and quality programme.
The graduates received a plaque and a certificate listing all the courses that they had completed.

Chairperson Asif Essop said: “The HRDP engaged the services of experts in the fields of Business and Management, Communications, First Aid and CPR, Leadership, Counselling and Dawah Strategies in order to empower the trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills to better serve their respective organizations and communities.”

The HRDP is a united effort by nine-member organisations. They are As-Salaam Educational Institute, Inchanga Islamic Centre, Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa, Islamic Propagation Centre International, Ladysmith Dawah Centre, Munazzamat Al Dawah Al Islamia, Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa, Southern Africa Dawah Network, and South African National Zakah Fund.

The training initiative is supported by AWQAFSA, Dawah Academy, International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan and MANCOSA.

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