Essa Moosa: ‘A precious jewel has departed’

The death of Judge Essa Moosa robs South Africa of an extraordinary person. A legal giant, who brought equality out of the Ivory Tower and into peoples lives. He espoused policies that was intellectually of the highest order but combined with a profound sense of compassion and justice. He was a tireless agitator for a better world. We have lost a true “titan” and a living “immortal” in one.

When democracy came into being, he went on to live a long and distinguished life of honour, duty, selfless service and distinction. There is, far more to the story of this great man than just his efforts, as gallant and indispensable as they were during the fight against apartheid.

A precious jewel of South Africa departed this world, like the star of the morning sun.

Essa Moosa guided us to the dawning of democracy and valiantly fought to improve the lot of the working poor. All over the land those who believed in the democratic freedoms, in the right of the masses to live free and unfettered lives, are grieving today. His passing robs humankind of its greatest champion

History will accord him a place alongside the very few truly great women who have combined ability and leadership along with a very definite understanding of the problems of the very little men and women of the world.

He will be remembered and eulogised as a leader and will occupy a place of honour in the hearts of his people, supporters, friends and associates across this nation.

We grope for words and intelligent thoughts with which to express the grief which overwhelms us, the terrible sense of loss which grips our very being, the aching void which will not be filled. It was his firm stand that had brought us to victory over the enemies of free people the world over.

It was this same wise leadership and his nobility of purpose that had contrived a pattern, carefully, patiently and painstakingly fashioned, for creating a world in which people of goodwill everywhere would strive earnestly to settle their problems without resort to force and arms.

The world goes on and pauses only briefly for the passing from the stage of a great man.Essa Moosa’s indomitable heart and spirit are with us yet, and they will not perish.

As long as we belong to the family of humanity, we shall live and we shall die.

We shall produce great leaders, and lose them. We shall see “IRREPLACEABLE’ giants lay down the burden, and we shall replace them.

Today’s Legal scholars will soon forget the fulsome praise that writers throughout South Africa are heaping upon the casket of the dead, but history will accord, and future generations will remember the name of Judge Essa Moosa

Hamba Kahle, our legal colossus and mentor.

Farouk Araie


Mettle Administrative Services

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