‘Dream’ hospital with Islamic ethos opens

The dream of the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMA) to finally open doors to the unique Ahmed-Al-Kadi Private Hospital, has become a satisfying reality, writes ISMAIL SUDER.

The magnificent Ahmed-Al-Kadi Hospital in Mayville – which has an Islamic ethos – was officially launched amidst much joy – although the first patients were to be admitted from Monday 03 April onwards.

Hundreds of stakeholders, including investors, were taken on group tours of the much awaited hospital that cost some R500-million to set up. Afterwards, they were treated to a sumptuous post Jumuah lunch.

“It all started off with an idea …and when I walk through the hospital, it all seems so surreal, it feels like a dream,” said Solly Suleman, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The hospital will run on an Islamic ethos. The kitchen can turn out up to 1000 halaal meals a day for patients. There is a musallah, a restaurant that serves tasty halaal foods, a ghusal khanna, istinja facilities, and off course all staff will required to dress modestly.

The hospital’s 300 staff were selected from a pool of 20 000 applicants, and are amongst the best in their fields.

All staff received stringent induction training, and their monthly salaries amount to about R5-million.

Suleman was extremely pleased at the way the hospital turned out, saying the initial idea was to have an 80-bed hospital, but during the course of the planning stage, ended up being a 164-bed hospital. The interior has a Middle-Eastern flavor.

The Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital is being operated as a public company with majority ownership of 26% being held by the Islamic Medical Association IMA) Baytul-Nur Trust. The balance of ownership is the private investors that have purchased shares during the construction phase of the project.

Suleman told Al Qalam that through the 26% investment held by the Trust, it will channel all profits to help the poor through various already-established health care centres. For those that cannot afford dialysis, the hospital will provide free dialysis treatment at a separate unit on the hospital grounds.

For investors who bought shares during the early stages, they would be pleased to know that their investment has already grown by about 40%, said Suleman.

Addressing staff at an assembly, Suleman told them that the Ahmed‐Al Kadi Private Hospital should be a facility that provides “not a typical hospital stay”, but one that will provide an enhanced experience in hospitality.

“It is unfortunate that even in the private hospital sector, patients and their medical aid spend a fortune on hospitalization, and yet they get minimal value. Often, they are over serviced, and treated as a number rather than a human being. The experience is not conducive to human health outcomes. “This is a state of the art private hospital with an Islamic ethos open to all irrespective of ethnicity, gender, race, or religion. We will respect the request and requirements of all patients, who are admitted. You all have a special role to play to ensure that the patient has the unique Ahmed-Al Kadi experience that makes them feel better the minute they step into the hospital,” he told them.

The hospital features eight luxury suits with state of the art beds. The hospital is the first in the world to acquire state of the art beds. There are two terrace suites that surpass the luxury wards. There are also 30 doctor suites on the premises with more being added.

The hospital beds are already being booked, and management hopes it will be beyond the 50% occupancy. All staff, including doctors are all geared up to treat the first patients.


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