Does SA really need to beg and borrow from China to feed the addiction of kleptocrats?

We are behaving – at least the markets think so – like we won the lotto or something like that. A huge sigh of relief as China announced it’s going to inject over U$150billion into our economy.

Yes, but…At what price or cost to future generations in South Africa? Does SA really need to beg and borrow from China or Saudi Arabia to feed the addiction of kleptocrats who have stuffed up our economy, and who have raped and pillaged our fiscus?

I’m thinking of the major sinkhole that just developed at Eskom. Let’s hope that our guests from BRICS don’t fall into it. 

This  loan or investment will not still the beast of unemployment and service delivery failure that is roiling in the fumes of yet another fuel price hike, the sixth in this year alone.

Will the money invested ( I’d prefer ‘borrowed from’) by China  go to where it’s supposed to go when you have inept highly paid plutocrats who have little heart for those of us who are seeing our future heavily mortgaged by our government but with no capacity to pay?

It’s time we, South Africans, got active and stop indemnifying a government unable to rid itself of kleptomaniacs still holding high office.

My question stands. Does SA really need to beg and borrow from China to feed the addiction of kleptocrats?

I don’t believe we do. We must hold this government fully answerable moving forward towards the forthcoming national elections in 2019.

Yes we can do this!

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay


Mettle Administrative Services

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