‘Corruption and crooked politics have enveloped the soul of South Africa’

The brazen looting of VBS Mutual Bank clearly reveals that naked theft has become a hornet’s nest in South Africa.

Financial marauders have shamelessly decimated once solid institutions with fearless audacity.

When these financial predators are arrested, they and their political friends unleash their claws and retreat into their tribal cocoons.

 Blatant corruption in South Africa is taking place inside our very own “Bermuda Triangle’, comprising of political parties, state run institutions and sections of private industries.

Evidence given by those implicated is truly staggering. They shamelessly hide behind their cadre pedigree. A bizarre spectacle involving a batch of liars who are oblivious to the carnage and wreckage they left behind.

All of their testimonies are riddled with blatant lies. They are all guilty of self-deception which is a type of motivated irrationality, the art of believing something simply because it is desired to be true when the evidence points to the very opposite. They have all been unmasked as cynical self-interested liars.

Events have revealed that in order to sustain deception over time, one need to be very alert, clever and consistent.

Corruption and politics have enveloped the soul of South Africa in their vicious tentacles.

This deadly embrace is the reason why endemic corruption is inevitable as the steady parade of high profile politicians become exclusive members of the rogues’ gallery.

As more patronage purveyors are unearthed, they will have the dubious distinction of having their names embossed in South Africa’s hall of shame.

Farouk Araie.


Mettle Administrative Services

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