Colourful Juloos parade to focus on family

Al Qalam Correspondent

The annual KZN Durban Juloos procession commemorating Muhammad (SAW) and his teachings is set to take place this Sunday, starting off at 10am from the Glenearn Road Soofie Mosque and finishing off at the Overport Secondary School Grounds.

This being the 30th Juloos, the coordinators of the event, Anjuman-e-Waris-e-Mohammedi (AWM), shed some light on how it has been able to serve the community over the years.

A spokesperson for AWM, Mohammed Hassan, said the juloos has grown into a unique Islamic event in more than one way. “Firstly it is centered on the child – they sit in front and they take the stage to present items in front of a large gathering of people that come from throughout our province. Secondly it is about uniting and giving children of all walks of life an opportunity to interact. Children from all races and all backgrounds join together as one in this event. Thirdly it is about developing the aesthetic natural latent in all children.

“We have a bugle band for the youth, we organize, encourage and promote original Islamic poems, we stimulate them with original newspaper articles, and we have street decorations, all of which appeal to our spiritual and astatic natures. One of the items that our brigade plays is a completely original composition based on an original poem,” he said.

In the early years, the Juloos was organized on a grand scale up until the early seventies when “our founder and spiritual guide, Dr. Hakim Hazrath Khwaja Sayed Shareef Ahmed Ali (RA) set up this organization to revive this activity and much more”

Hassan said that it has been “a difficult task” because we are living in a modern technological society and we had to compete for the youth’s attention against the TV, computer and cell phone.

“Because of technology people today are tending to move towards isolation which is disastrous for them in the long term – so we are promoting socializing. We have to help our children to break this addiction to technology by encouraging them to join such social events. To socialize is a basic human need and children, when exposed to this, enjoy it and learn a lot from it.”

In line with promoting socializing, the theme for the 2017 Juloos is ‘Muhammad (SAW) and the Importance of Family’.

Hassan said: “We have chosen this theme because we are fast losing the ability to get along with others and maintain family ties. The drastic increase in divorce is just one indicator that all is not well in this department.

Knowing and learning about how to get along with other family members is extremely important because it would bring about long term happiness into our lives and our children’s lives.”

The organization has written three different articles pertaining to different aspects of family life and these can be read on their Facebook page. For further info: whatsapp 0849101486. Email

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