‘CMRM supports International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians on Nov 24’

The 2nd of November 1917 marked 100 years since the signing of the so-called ‘Balfour Declaration’ by the then British Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur James Balfour. Through a declaration formulated and signed by Lord Balfour, Britain became the imperial sponsor of a Zionist state – euphemistically called a “Jewish national home” – that would be established in Palestine by expelling its indigenous people en masse. The Balfour Declaration thus marks the creation of the Zionist state of Israel and the onset of the illegal grabbing, colonization and occupation of Palestinian ancestral lands.

In 1977, the United Nations passed a resolution (resolution 32/40 B) inaugurating International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people in recognition of the injustice and gross human rights violations that were being perpetrated in Palestine. This year, International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians will be commemorated on Friday 24 November 2017. In commemorating this day annually, the Claremont Main Road Masjid (CMRM) affirms the right of Palestinians to resist the illegal occupation of their land by the Zionist State of Israel inaugurated by the Balfour Declaraton one hundred years ago

British author and activist, David Cronin, in his recent book titled Balfour’s Shadow: A Century of British Support for Zionism and Israel (Pluto, 2017), argues that the architect of this declaration, Lord Balfour was a British white supremacist and racist who was a strong supporter of Cecil John Rhodes. While serving as prime minister from 1902 to 1905, Balfour insisted that ‘Europeans’ must enjoy greater privileges than ‘Black natives’ in South Africa and that black people were “less intellectually and morally capable” than whites. There is little doubt that racism was at the core of the Balfour Declaration and not surprisingly lies at the heart of the policies of the Apartheid Zionist State of Israel.

As we commemorate International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians this year, we call for a sober reflection on the violence and racism against Palestinians that was inaugurated one hundred years ago with the signing of the imperial Balfour Declaration. The Zionist State of Israel has for the past one hundred years, with the support of imperial powers in the West, continued with impunity its systematic campaigns of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. This has involved land grabs, settler expansions, home demolitions, destruction of essential infrastructure, illegal imprisonment and targeted killings of Palestinians. Over 1.7 million displaced Palestinians living in Gaza and other occupied territories are subject to the daily brutalisation of occupation under the Zionist State of Israel. With the complicity of allies in the region, access to water, food and basic health services to Gaza and other occupied territories are easily and regularly blockaded.

Solidarity with the people of Palestine means not only do we condemn the injustice and gross human rights violations being perpetrated against the Palestinians, but we also call for the delegitimization of the Zionist ideology used to justify the destructive actions of the state of Israel. International solidarity with the Palestinians demands no less than the complete isolation of the Zionist State of Israel, brought into being by the imperial pen of Lord Balfour.

We call on all peace-loving citizens of the world to support the global campaign to isolate Israel economically and politically, to bring an end to the decades of state terror inflicted on the Palestinians. We call on the international community to enact its own resolutions in pursuit of justice for Palestinians by ending the impunity with which the Zionist State of Israel continues its expansionist programmes and perpetrates gross violations of human rights against the Palestinians.

Jaamia Galant (Secretary)
and Imam Dr. Rashied Omar

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