‘Before Ramaphosa drowns us all, he should learn from Malaysia’s Dr Mahatir Mahomed’

We need a Prophet Noah (no not that comedian) and an ark to save us from drowning in these swirling times.

I don’t believe that President Ramaphosa fits that profile. Perhaps, he’ll prove me wrong.

Malaysia has its Noah. For two decades it was relegated from amongst the ranks of Asian Tigers to a paper tiger ripped apart by a gang of kleptocrats who systemically denuded Malaysia of its evergreen foliage.

In Malaysia, after being ousted and out of office for over two decades which saw Malaysia become a haven for the corrupt and the predatory elite, the electorate saw it fitting to re-elect a 93 year old Dr Mahathir Mahomed back to the helm.

I’m so encouraged that His eminence Dr Mahathir Mahomed is back at the helm as Prime Minister of Malaysia. It’s apposite that I capture his words, as recorded in his 1986 book [The Challenge]. Read a book about how he transformed Malaysia as a prosperous industrious nation (Read the book “CEO MALAYSIA).

Dr Mahomed I’ll resist in calling him Mahathir, because I hold him in reverence as a leader who recognised the power of embracing all religions and harvesting the best they could offer for the common purpose – transforming Malaysia into an Asian Tiger as opposed to a slavish paper tiger (pardon the cliché). Ah yes his words? He wrote way back in that 1986 printed book about how the ideology and logic of materialism enslaved human society of his times and he attributed that to the “impact of Western thought and system of values which fanatically focus on the material as the basis of life.”

In 1996 or thereabouts, former President Thabo Mbeki published his book “Africa, the time has come”. The outcome was Malaysia, a powerhouse that took its place as a sabre-toothed tiger.

Africa generally, and my beloved country, South Africa, has refused to seize its rebirth, sinking instead in the quicksands of the past.

Yes, Dr Mahomed ruled with the clenched fist of a zealot determined to rouse his people out of the decadence before its gel solidified.

South Africa? Not too late but my faith in Ramaphosa is as weak and almost lapsing into disbelief.



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