BDS: ‘We welcome new M&G editor’

The human rights and Palestine solidarity organization BDS South Africa welcomes the appointment of Khadija Patel of the Daily Vox as the new editor of the Mail & Guardian.

BDS SA has not always seen eye to eye with the Daily Vox, which has been critical of some of our campaigns, tactics and in particular our relationship with the South African Government and the governing party, the ANC. Notwithstanding our differences on certain issues, which should not undermine our common concern for the people of Palestine, we welcome the appointment of Patel and the collaboration between the Daily Vox and the Mail & Guardian.

We appreciate the Mail & Guardian’s continuous affirmation of the role of young black woman to such key media spaces. This is a significant contribution to ongoing transformation.

We furthermore welcome the Daily Vox / Mail & Guardian collaboration because the Daily Vox has always been explicit in its support for the Palestinian struggle against Israeli Apartheid. This is a simple acknowledgment that while the media is always expected to report fairly and accurately, it is not a disemboweled bystander in matters of injustice.

We wish Patel well in her new responsibilities.

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