‘Banoobhai’s book Leadership as Healing timely as we approach Human Rights Day’

In South Africa, the 21 March is the day of paying homage to the victims and survivors of the 1960 massacre and other struggle heroes and heroines by focusing attention on the promotion and defense of Human Rights.

This is informed by the understanding that Human Rights’ are inseparable from broader civil, political, social, economic, gender and environmental rights. The struggle for human rights is therefore inseparable from the struggle against racism, classism and patriarchy for which many progressive South Africans laid their lives.

The marking of 21 March as Human rights Day is also informed by the rights-based developmental path that is at the centre of the legislative and policy framework in South Africa as well as the need to place healing and reconstruction at the centre of the efforts towards an egalitarian society.

However, in South Africa, there are not many discourses on rights-based and ethical leadership approach that is centered on healing for the individual and the collective.

There is therefore a need for initiatives aimed at critical engagement with the role of leadership in healing the self and society – and exploring transformative leadership style that focuses on both the transformation of the personality and the transformation of society.

In his book, Leadership as Healing, which has also been designed as a manual for a Leadership Training programme, South African writer-philosopher, literary and sociopolitical activist, Shabbir Banoobhai, boldly takes up this challenge.

The book, and the 4-hour workshops designed around it, provides an invaluable opportunity for leaders and organization interested in enhancing expertise and insights into transformational leadership.

As reflective of his generosity, Banoobhai, makes a special offer to developmental agencies and non-governmental organizations to facilitate the Leadership as Healing training for them without the organizations having to pay the normal fee for facilitating such a workshop.

Interested organizations can contact me at 073 869 8726.

Mphutlane wa Bofelo


Mettle Administrative Services

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