‘I am ashamed that the Sunni-Islamic world has reduced itself to spectators’

A friend and colleague asked me why are Muslims slaughtering each other in Yemen? Exasperated by the paralysis in Islamozania, this friend has effectively given up on Islam. I challenged him to use his intellect and convert the negative energy towards something more constructive and to engage rather than washing his hands of our faltering humanity like Pontius Pilate washing his hands after condemning Jesus Christ to an excruciating death by crucifixion. I don’t believe that Jesus (PBUH)’, one of the major Prophets in Islam, died on the cross or that he was crucified, but that is another story for another time.

Bringing peace and an end to the Saudi (translated Wahabi-Sunni) instigated proxy war against a Shia (translated Iranian) leaning Yemen is possible, yet it is a bridge too far and so human lives don’t matter when blind giants wrestle in the darkness .

Over a million lives have been lost and a country being pound to dust whilst the members of the UN Security Council place dice whilst humanity withers on the cross. Why? Why? And again why is this being allowed to happen?

The world map is being stained red with the blood of Muslims, just in case readers are wondering where the thrust of this letter is heading. Peace in the troubled arteries of Islam with Yemen being but one example of the body of Islam experiencing a major thrombosis., is possible but the Wahabi-Sunni v Shia battle for control takes no prisoners. So it bleeds to death.

What needs to be done requires radical and robust action on the part of , no not the UN, but 152 governments collectively and in unision taking action against the war mongers.

It’s incredible. Yemen’s three-year-old and counting civil war is yet another crisis that has by design is being allowed to spiral out of control.

I remember that the war began in September 2014 when Houthi rebels from the north and groups loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh seized Sanaa, taking President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi hostage, first figuratively and then literally. Fast track to March 2015, when that effectively a coup saw it escalate and become internationalized with the intervention of a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which launched an intense but often murderous campaign to restore Mansour Hadi’s government and counter the Houthis, whom the Saudis ( translated wahabi-sunni) allege are an Iranian ( translate shia) proxy. Yes, heirs to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) committing fratricide.

I am ashamed that the Sunni-Islamic world has all but reduced itself to spectators like during the days of Nero when innocent Christians were being thrown and fed to lions for entertainment.

It appalling that these past three years have witnessed , the situation on the ground dramatically deteriorating to the extent that today, nearly seven million Yemenis are, if aid agencies are accurate, face famine and thousands have already died in what the WHO defines as “the worst cholera outbreak in history.”

Here is the kicker. Even as the crisis worsens, efforts to stop the fighting have seen an intensity in the blood shedding with neither side prepared to let up, not even during the sacred months in the Islamic calendar!

Saber Jazbhay

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