Ahmed Timol murder inquest welcomed

The decision by the NPA to reopen the inquest into Ahmed Timol’s brutal death at the hands of the then Security Police is to be welcomed.

Political murders may be the most extreme form of censorship, but it is not necessarily the most effective. Political murder changes history, but it seldom changes minds.

Even today, we must admit to be in awe of this courageous man who gave his life for the cause of righteousness, justice and equity.

The day of freedom ultimately came. Carved on the pages of South Africa’s history, the name of Ahmed Timol stands for all time, both as an example and an inspiration. His death will serve to remind generations of our countrymen of a generous and fearless personality, and of a life of nobility and patriotism, service and sacrifice.

Those who murdered Ahmed Timol have changed the course of South Africa. What they will probably get now is his near deification in the hallowed halls of martyrdom and the certainty that he will be an even greater political icon in death than he was in life.

No man in our history lived a life more daring in its conception, more eventful in its import and more human in its urges and impulses. Here is a tragic occasion when one can say truthfully that Africa is poorer today, poorer not merely by the untimely death of this great man of this era, but by the circumstances in which a life of selfless dedication has been so cruelly and so wantonly cut short.

His death is truly a loss to mankind which he needs the living light of those ideals of justice and tolerance for which he strove and died. In this hour of sorrow South Africa can be proud of having given Africa a man of imperishable renown and is confidant that his example will be a source of inspiration and strength in the fulfilment of his destiny.

Farouk Araie.

Mettle Administrative Services

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