Since its inception 50 years ago, our National Newspaper has become a household name with the Muslim community and to an extent in the broader community who look upon and turn to our newspaper as a reliable reference and a reputable source, to inform them about any new venture or promotions concerning your company/business or programmes. Response to adverts appearing in ‘Al-Qalam’ has been exceptional. We print and distribute 28 000 copies Nationally. 

Al-Qalam is registered with the Audit Bureau of Circulations of SA (ABC) and is a holder of the Grassroots Certificate ABC GR for Certified Print Run.

Some of our clients include: Killarney Mall, Spar, Nandos, Debonairs, Steers, KFC, Mochachoes,  Shoreline Beverages, Willowton Oils, Elangeni Soaps,Oasis Group, Old Mutual Future Growth, Africa Muslims Agency, Islamic Relief, SANZAF, Penny Appeal SA, Islamic Dawah Movement, Hospital Welfare & Muslim Educational Movement, Regent Business School, Orient Islamic School.

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